Church Wood Carvers of North America

We are Orthodox Christian monks who combine traditional hand-carving techniques with state-of-the-art joinery methods to create the highest quality iconostases and other wooden furnishings for Orthodox Christian Churches and Monasteries. We perform this work in a spirit of prayer, listening as we work to recordings of liturgical chant and spiritual readings, and practicing the prayer of the heart or "Jesus prayer."

We invite you to read more about Church Wood Carvers of North America, to view the Examples of our work shown here, and if you would like more information or to see further examples of our work, not all of which is shown here, to please Contact Us. We are readily able to make any hand-carved furnishing suitable for use in an Orthodox Christian church or monastery even though it may not be shown here.

We encourage you to view the short videos we have recorded telling you about our approach to church woodcarving and about the important purposes served in the Church by the Iconostasis, Epitaphios/Kouvouklion, Bishop's Throne, and Eucharistic Dove.

Church Wood Carvers Gallery
View slideshow of our carving the iconostasis for the St.James Orthodox Church, Pt. St. Lucie, FL.