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About Us

We're Orthodox Christian monks.  We paint holy icons and carve wood and stone furnishings to beautify churches, monasteries and pious homes.  We pray the Jesus Prayer and listen to the Holy Scriptures and Lives of the Saints on tape as we work.  We believe the inspiration of Jesus Christ the Son of God is mercifully imparted to our work.

We paint beautiful, inspiring icons of all sizes, including grand wall frescos, iconostasis icons and smaller portable icons as well.  To see some examples, click here: Iconography Gallery.

We carve everything from grand, high-detail Iconostasises, Kouvouklions, and Bishop's Thrones to Holy Tables (Altars), Icon stands (Analogions), Candle Stands, Saint's Icons, Proskomide Tables, Processional Crosses and Fans, Reliquary boxes, Blessing Crosses, and many other things.  To see some examples, click here: Woodcarvings Gallery.


We carve magnificent marble and granite icons as well, to adorn either the exterior or interior of church edifices or homes.  To see some examples, click here: Stonecarvings Gallery.


We paint only the highest quality Belgian linen canvas with archival-quality gessoes and pigments.  We carve only the highest quality hardwoods and cabinet-top-grade marble and granite.  If you check around, you will find our prices are excellent.

This work supports our monastic brotherhood.  Your patronage of our shop helps us as we strive to work out our salvation with fear and trembling as the Apostle Paul exhorts us, and your patronage strengthens Orthodox Christian monasticism here in the United States.


You may find it interesting and informative to check out the Media coverage of our work.  To do so, click here: Press and Video


We would be very pleased to discuss your project with you, just call (207) 351-1259 or e-mail


May God bless you! 


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